Top 5 Highest-Paying AWS Certifications

Choosing an AWS certification will depend on your experience level, professional goals, and interests. Companies and organizations are looking for candidates with AWS skills. A way to showcase your AWS knowledge is by obtaining an AWS certification. To earn this certification, you’ll need to take and pass the AWS Certified Data Analytics — Specialty exam (DAS-C01). AWS Certified Advanced Networking — Specialty is intended for individuals who perform complex networking tasks with five years of hands-on experience.

  • At Intellipaat, you can enroll in either the instructor-led online training or self-paced training.
  • Our AWS courses are completely oriented toward practical industry applications, and hence they give you a clear advantage.
  • This is one of the best AWS certifications for network architects, network engineers, and DevOps engineers, who are involved in designing, deploying, and managing AWS cloud and hybrid network solutions.
  • 10 fun hands-on projects to practice AWS applicationsThere’s no better way to learn AWS than to use the services provided to build real-world applications.

Thank you Intellipaat for offering such a wonderful course on AWS Certification training. Apart from learning the theoretical concepts, you will also have to gain experience in hands-on projects and case studies that will help you gain industry-relevant experience in the subject matter. Shifting from support engineering to cloud engineering was not easy. But with the help of expert guidance from Intellipaat, I was able to make the shift from an IT support engineer to a cloud engineer. I was able to internally shift from a non-tech role to a DevOps engineer role at IBM because of the rich content, dedicated support, and job assistance program provided by Intellipaat’s team.

AWS Associate-Level Certifications

Master the ultimate skills needed to ace the exam and grow in your career with our AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional course. In 2019 AWS removed the prerequisites from all AWS certifications so this means you can now take ANY AWS certification at any time, you don’t need to complete other certifications first. These are the maximum time-asked questions that I’ll try and answer for you. Each and every person come from different starting points so the answers to the above questions will depend on your current skills and experience and what your career objectives are. Therefore, I’d like to start with an overview of the different levels of certification offered by us and how they relate to your background and career aspirations.

Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer can get technicians into the field. This specialized certification is right for technicians who desire to work within Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as a cloud engineer. With this, we have come to the end of our how to become an aws cloud engineer discussion on the AWS Certification meaning. I hope you understood the different types of AWS Certifications available that will help you boost your career. Are you ready to take your skills in AWS to the next level and become an expert in DevOps?

Is it possible to get an AWS Certification online?

The AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty certification was previously the AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty certification, which was retired in 2020. There are some carryover topics, but other areas are brand new and more in-depth. It focuses on all the data services, especially S3, RedShift, Kinesis, and Elastic MapReduce. This certification is the most popular AWS certification overall for tech team leaders, as it provides a solid foundation in AWS cloud computing. When evaluating new hires, it demonstrates that the holder possesses the skills needed to design, deploy, and manage applications on AWS. You’ll find plenty of free online guides and resources to help you pass too, like this one for the Solution Architect exam.

  • They are experts at developing technical cloud strategies as well.
  • It also provides them with knowledge that may make it easier to learn vendor-specific cloud concepts.
  • Finding individuals with cloud computing skills has become difficult for employers across the globe.
  • It’s meant for IT pros with two to three years of experience in system administration or networking.
  • This is a basic or entry-level certification that is designed for people who want to build and validate their overall understanding of the AWS cloud.

With that said, having an understanding of the AWS platform and cloud computing terminology and concepts can be helpful during your learning process. According to data from Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a cloud practitioner in the USA for 2023 is around $91,038 per year, with an average salary of $83,679 per year. And lastly, there are six specialty level certifications – the Advanced Networking, Data Analytics, Database, Machine Learning, Security and SAP on AWS certifications. The AWS Certified Security — Specialty exam validates technical skills and experience in securing and hardening workloads and architectures on the AWS. This is probably the most popular AWS certificate and also the best one for experienced people like experienced developers, software architects, tech leads, and solution architects.

Is it possible to switch from self-paced training to instructor-led training?

In simple terms, if you want to understand what is cloud, what is AWS, who can use it then foundation level certification is the right certification for you. Yes, AWS skills are in high demand in the cloud market, and they will only continue to grow. In the United States alone, there are over 140,000 jobs open for professionals with some AWS skills, as per the jobs posted on LinkedIn.

aws cloud engineer certification

If you like these AWS and Cloud Certifications then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If these questions have helped you to pass the exam, then please spread the word so that other people can also benefit. The AWS certification that pays the most may change year to year, but an AWS certification as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect with a professional certificate is a top earner in the IT world. The best way to choose an AWS certification is to see which one supports your career goals the most. Consider the difficulty of each exam since it may be possible to advance your career just as much with an easy certification as one that’s more difficult.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

The certifications, however, express the candidate’s intent to the hiring manager. “The job interviews are designed to filter out candidates that say they have experience and really do not,” says Hummel. “For example, to what depth can you discuss a project you worked on that is similar to what they are hiring for. That counts for a lot when you have done something similar, for example, and know the issues, problems, [and] fixes for a deployment.

The questions included in the exam are set to challenge all those taking the exams, to apply everything that they know, especially the practical implementations of all the services provided by the cloud provider. The exams are designed in such a way that only those with hands-on experience will be able to crack them without difficulty. Intellipaat’s practical approach to learning and hands-on industry-based projects are the best ways to prepare for the AWS Solutions Architect exams. AWS Specialty certifications dive extremely deep on narrow focus areas — specifically networking, data analytics, databases, security, and machine learning. Like the Pro-level certs, they are not to be approached lightly, and multiple years of hands-on professional experience in each specialty domain is highly recommended for all. The AWS certification exams are meticulously designed by subject matter specialists to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, skills, and ability to use AWS products and services.

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